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Feature List

Visual Floor Planner Features 

The all-new Visual Floor Planner 2.0 is here.

So now it's even easier to create Professional floor Plans fast!

  • Easy To Use
  • Intuitive - Easy to use simple Floor planning Software
  • Fast - Create your floor Plans Fast See How Quick
  • Libary of Interior Fixtures and furnishings -Drag and drop into Floor plans
  • Include garden and patio detail- Trees and Shrubs inc Cars to Add to Plans
  • High Quality Floor Plans - Professional Floor Plans that can be used online and  print
  • Irregular shaped rooms - Irregular shaped rooms supported
  • Snap to walls - Drag and Drop Doors and snap to walls
  • Drag and Drop - Windows and snap to walls
  • Measurement Tools
  • Metric and/or Imperial measurements
  • Automatic room sizes
  • Automatic room labels
  • Auto scale
  • Wall colour style options
  • Support for irregular shaped rooms
  • Supports multiple fonts
  • Default disclaimer statement
  • Muiltiple Buildings and properties
  • Customise 
  • Apply colour area to rooms
  • Add Addtional Text and descriptons to plans
  • Multilple floors
  • No Monthly fees
  • No per plan fees

Supports multiple fonts


Include your logo, photograph or watermark


Add a Conservatory into plan

  • Print preview
  • Export plans as .pdf, .bmp, .doc