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Watch a quick demostration on how to create 3D floor Plans using Visual Floor Planner

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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP.

Visual Floor Planner will run on Microsoft Surface Pro and other touch screens but as a Windows 7 application.

Visual Floor Planner will run on a Mac using either Boot Camp or Parallels running Windows 7/8.

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Domestic Energy Assessor Floor Plans

 Visual Floor Planner for domestic energy


Floor plans are now being created by Domestic Energy Advisors (DEA) for estate agents using Visual Floor Planner.

 As a Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) you now have the tools to extend your services in offering the home owner and/or estate agent a high quality floor plan for the properties that you are assessing for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

 You can use the same floor plan to record your own essential data. Simply drag and place radiators, boilers, water tanks, heat sources and other light fittings onto the plan.

 We would be pleased to extend the available symbols for your particular requirement- just send us images of the symbols you require.

 Visual Floor Planner produces fast professional plans, ideal for use by estate agents, DEA and home owners, but if you need precise building plans suitable for planning applications and building regulations then please try out Visual Building Professional software.

Visual Floor Planner is intuitive and easy to learn and will run on almost any PC running Microsoft Windows. Try now with our free 10 day trial. Save  and share your plans as .jpg, .bmp. wmf, .pdf and .doc formats, perfect for uploading to sites suchs as Right move and printing handouts for customers.

You do not have multiple monthly payments or per plan payments, which can quickly add up to become £1,000 s per year.
  • Colour floor plans
  • A Large Library of furniture
  • Insert your own Logos
  • Add text and dimensions
  • No monthly fee, one off purchase
  • Create Professional Dimension Floor Plan
  • Multiple floor plans
  • Print floor plans or use them online
  • Add Text and Logos to Plans
  • Drag and drop  Windows , Doors, Fixtures, funiture and symbols into your plan
  • Easy AND fast to use
  • Export to popular graphic formats .jpg/.png/.bmp/.pdf
  • Free Online Forum and Email Support

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Special Online Offer

ONLY £60.00 inc VAT 
Usually £100.00

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Domestic Energy Assessors are now providing a floor plan service for estate agents. Where a DEA has to visit a property, he can quickly create a floor plan for his own use and with very little effort supply that floor plan to the estate agent responsible for the sale of the property.

Domestic Energy Assessors can create a single plan that can be  supplied to an Estate Agent and then also use the same plan for their own documentation requirements for their energy assessment. This is easily achieved by placing the energy assessment symbols on their own layer, which can be shown/hidden from view or print views. The fees to create such plans for estate agents is very competitive, and the low cost of Visual Floor Planner, with no additional fees, combined with fast plan production, means every DEA has a lower cost when using Visual Floor Planner.