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Fire Escape Plans


Watch a quick demostration on how to create 3D floor Plans using Visual Floor Planner.

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SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP.

Visual Floor Planner will run on Microsoft Surface Pro and other touch screens but as a Windows 7 application.

Visual Floor Planner will run on a Mac using either Boot Camp or Parallels running Windows 7/8.

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Fire Zone Plan


Fire Escape Plan (Hatched)




 Fire Escape Plan

Create Fire Escape plans

Visual Floor Planner for emergency floor plans

With Visual Floor planner you can create fire escape plans fast. Create, save and share.

We've created Visual floor planner to be easy to use with automated tools to allow to drag and drop symbols onto
your floor plans.

 You do not have multiple monthly payments or per plan payments, which can quickly add up to become £1,000 s per year.

  • Coloured floor plans
  • Fire Escape Symbols BSI Standards
  • A Large Libary of Fire Escape and health and symbols
  • Professional Dimensioned Floor Plan
  • Print your floor plans fast
  • Add Text and Logos to Plans
  • Hotel Floor Plans, Home Foor plans and office plans- sutible for residential and commercial use
  • Drag and drop  Windows , Doors, Fixtures, furniture and symbols into your plan
  • Easy to use
  • Export to popular graphic formats .jpg/.png/.bmp/.pdf
  • Free Online Forum and Email Support



  BSI Symbols included in the software


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Click here to download good quality pdf example of the above fire escape plan. This was created by printing to PDF Creator



Hotel Fire Escape Plan

Its now easy to create a template for use in multiple rooms in a hotel,  allowing you to then to edit details to specific to individual rooms. Its also easy to include your logo and other contact information on each plan


Example Hotel room Fire Escape Plan Click to zoom

Not only does every hotel have different requirements, but so does every hotel room. Now you can create your own Fire Action panels and plans specific to each room.

Public Building Fire Escape Plan

All public buildings require fire escape notices. This plan was created by for a new local community hall.



Example Public Building Fire Escape Plan Click to zoom