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The Company

A British family run business with over 20 years’ worth of experience developing CAD software. The brain child of Les player who believed in making software that was affordable, functional, reliable and easy to use.
Visual Floor Planner was acquired in 2012 and has been developed since with continued progress and updates. The software is currently on version 2.0.

The software is supported and maintain by Visual Floor Planner AJP which is proud to be a British software development company.

About Les Player the developer of Visual Floor Planner

Les Player is a qualified engineer (sub surface weapons systems) and should be no stranger to those who familiar with the original Atari consoles/computers/software. Les was the European Technical Director at Atari from 1982 to 1990 and was responsible for establishing the software community for the Atari ST and introducing the Atari ST into Europe.

Since then he has gone on to develop many household named CAD software packages for the international market.

We’ve created Visual floor planner to be easy to use with automated tools to allow to drag and drop symbols onto your floor plans.

Visual floor planner was originally created for Estate agents to allow them to easily create quality floor plans to use for sales and marketing purposes such as uploading to Rightmove.co.uk or adding to Online and print marketing material.

If you are either a high street estate agent or an online estate agent you already know the importance of supplying a floor plan as part of your sales details. So when you purchase Visual Floor Planner, you will start reducing your costs immediately of marketing your properties.

Visual Floor Planner is intuitive and easy to learn and will run on almost any PC running Microsoft Windows.

You do not have multiple monthly payments or per plan payments, which can quickly add up to become £1,000 s per year.
No subscription fee, just a one off price of £60.00.

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This documentation includes a tutorial on how to create a floor plan using Visual Floor Planner. There are several tutorials in this manual, some also Video Tutorials Visual Floor Planner Documentation