Visual Floor Planner 2.0

With Visual Floor Planner, you can create crisp and clear 2D floor plans that can be use professionally. 

Floor Plans Created with Visual Floor Planner

Need to create Floor Plans? We believe we have created the ultimate software All-In-One package for floor plans. It’s simple, fast and effective at creating floor plans. One software that is flexible to its users and industry needs. Read below to see some highlights of Visual Floor Planner. Our Software is an all in one solution. A one off payment of £60.00. No subscriptions and no fee per plan!

Screenshot Of Visual Floor Planner 2.0
Screenshot Of Visual Floor Planner 2.0
Drag and Drop

Visual Floor Planner powerful and easy floor plan design software for creating great-looking professional floor plans and space planning. The interface is an easy to use drag and drop application based around the floor plan screen. Users simply insert a room and drag the walls to their desired measurement. Adding features such as windows and door by simply clicking on the location. Text and room names as well as their internal and external measurement can be displayed on the floor plans. 

Automated Measurement Tools

Visual Floor Planner with automatically calculate your measurements, which you can either have displayed on/off on your finished plans. You can choose which scale you work to and switch between imperial and metric measurements.

We have also created a templates data base for our users. This allows you to use a template to start your floor plans. Making your work flow quicker and more efficient, see templates to download the latest templates. Download the template you wish to use and open the file up within Visual Floor Planner to start editing.

Floor Planning library of symbols and furniture

Visual Floor Planner also includes a a comprehensive library of electrical, fire escape, and security symbols, (plus many more) to allow you to create clear and detailed and plans what ever your requirements. Users can also create their own bespoke symbols as needed.

 These symbols can be scaled, duplicated and rotated. We are always expanding our libraries and symbols around what our users require for their plans and often update the symbols packs, see our symbol links page to download the latest floor planning symbols.


Our PDF export makes sure all plans are in perspective. Moreover, you can get your floor plans in high resolution, so they always look perfect for print.

You can now very quickly create your own floor plans and save to several different file format (.jpg, .png .pdf .bmp .emf, .wmf and .doc) making it suitable for online plans, including within printed brochures or sending as an email.

System Requirments

This product is supported by a free user forum, and free online video tutorials and requires Windows 10/ Windows 8 / Windows 7 / XP / Vista running on a PC or a Mac. An internet connection is not essential.

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