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    Hi everyone,

    We have had a couple of customers who when updating cannot find all their symbols. Please ensure when installing you select all the catalogs/symbols when asked.(see image ebelow)

    How to ensure you have installed all the missing symbols

    When installing your updated version of Visual Floor Planner (In the installation wizard) it gives you an option for all the additional updated symbols/catalog to be installed (They are by default unchecked see example image below).
    To see your Fire Escape symbols and more I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the Software and ensure all the catalogs/symbols(Components) are checked in the wizard. (see example below)

    ! Ensure your saved floor plans are in a safe place (e.g. my documents/desktop) so they do not get removed with the software.

    1.Uninstall Visual Floor Planner (Through add and remove program dialog)
    2. Re Install the Visual Floor Planner from Here Visual Floor Planner Download
    3. Click Save and then Run to go through the Installation Wizard
    4.When going through the Installation Wizard ensure all the symbols are checked by checking each box in the Components window (Example of unchecked below)
    Free Floor Plan Symbols

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