Visual Floor Planner License Types

Visual Floor Planner is a serialized product

Serialized copies are called this because they use a serial number. 

When you install Visual Floor Planner you activate it on that machine using your serial number that is provided by us via email after a successful process.

If you’re going to reinstall your operating system or move Visual Floor Planner to a different computer, you need to deactivate it ahead of time, freeing that activation for later reuse. All serialized licenses are platform specific.

Single-User License

Single-user licenses allow Visual Floor Planner to be concurrently activated on any two computers, provided that both copies aren’t actually used at the same time.

This is not meant to allow two users to share a license.  It simply allows ONE user the freedom to have Visual Floor Planner in two places, such as at home PC and on a laptop.

If you require multiple licenses. We provide discounts on multi licenses, please submit a ticket to support for further information.

Multiple- User Licenses

If you have single-user licenses already and wish to convert to the multiplier user discount we will offer you a discounted price, submit to a ticket to Support.

By purchasing through our staff, we can ensure that the new seats are properly added to your existing license

For Multiple user licenses please view our current discounts

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