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Unfortunately some anti-virusprograms interpret installation as a threat, ie thats exactly what a trojan virus would do. Of course our software is not a virus, but some anti virus programs are not so good at identifying this fact.
You could switch off your anti virus program during the download and installation.
The second link is a direct link to download the installation file. 

Some users assume that anything that their Anti-Virus reports is a virus. If you have time to read the virus report, you will see that this is not always the case. The following will vary depending upon your Anti-Virus program, version and settings. Norton is the worse offender for these false reports.

Norton Virus Checker: WS.Reputation.1

We regularly update our install files, and after such updates, many users are concerned that they receive virus warnings such as:


"Visual Floor Planner.exe is not safe and has been removed, click for more details" -Example from Norton Anti Virus

Clicking on View Details gives:
THIS IS NOT A VIRUS. The virus checker is only warning you that the file is new, e.g. less than 1 week old.. To continue downloading Visual Floor Planner, simply click on Restore or click on Options and select Restore ane exclude this file

This is what is called a false positive, and many other legitimate software companies complain that such files are quarantined for no other reason than being new.

Some of the more aggressive virus checkers will simply delete/quarintine the file, and you will then need to recover the file from folder where it has moved the file to.

Norton does provide software publishers with a system to add new files to their "white list", each and every time we update a file.... but Norton often takes several weeks to add to their white list, by which time the file is no longer new or we have issued yet another update.

Norton: File Insight

Norton's File Insight is warning you that the file is new.

Click on Trust Now

Norton: PUA.Gen

This Virus Report often affects our Downloaders, because by attempting to download the main Visual Floor Planner install program, Norton has determined that it is "acting suspiciously" and so removes the downloader program. Again THIS IS NOT A VIRUS but the download program doing what it is supposed to do, and download a program.

You can reverse this action by clicking Restore

Trojan. ADH2

The definition of a trojan virus is a program that downloads another program. Well this is exactly what our downloader does. Its a small program that downloads a larger Setup program. In the case for Visual Building's downloaders Norton reports this as suspicious and treats it as a trojan virus. This is not a virus.

Simply click on Restore or click on Options and select Restore ane exclude this file
Some settings in Norton, will allow Norton to automatically remove a file even before the download is completed, in which case you can not restore the file. In such cases you should disable the Anti-Virus program while you download and install- but dont forget to enable it again.