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 We have compiled an FAQ list from questions we have had emailed to us, if we cannot answer your question here please refer to the Support Documentation or Video Tutorials.


Curved Walls

In Visual Floor Planner you can create curved walls easily by click on the wall point and dragging.

Here is a short video showing you how to achieve this:




Insert Watermark behind floor Plans

Yes, you can use the Import Sketch tool in the Edit menu to import a logo. Then set the transparency of the logo in the Floor Plan settings dialog, activated in the Format menu. Use a .jpg and set the transparency to about 80%. You may find it easier if you add the logo to its own floor,

Also documented in the Visual Floor Planner User manual Support Documentation Chapter Import Sketch. (I think we should change this menu to Import Watermark, to make it more obvious).

The Gross Internal area menu is where its always been in Edit menu.


False Anti Virus Reports

Some less than perfect anti-virus programs are reporting the Visual Floor Planner down-loader as a trojan virus. The definition of a trojan virus is a program that downloads another program. Well this is exactly what our down-loader does. Its a small 380K program that downloads the  larger Visual Floor Planner Setup program.  THIS IS NOT A VIRUS.


If you receive such a report it would help us if you could email details of your anti-virus program, and the report so that we can update the anti-virus company concerned. Unfortuneately some of the free anti-virus tools do not support a white-listing service from software developers and there is no way we can remove these false reports. In these cases we recommend using a premium anti-virus service such as Norton.



It is possible that an antivirus tool or other program is preventing this dll from being accessed by the floorplanner.exe.

Normally restarting your computer will resolve.

Mingwm10.dll lives in the Visual FloorPlanner folder and it will definitely be installed, and not missing, and so is something else that is preventing this dll from being located by Visual Floor Planner. It is a dll also used by other popular applications such as Inkscape and Filezilla, but they will have their own copies.

Resinstalling Visual Floor Planner does not appear to resolve the problem because if you check the Visual FloorPlanner folder, you will always find it not to be missing. The best solution is to restart the computer, disable any anti virus, and start Visual Floor Planner, then remembering to activate your anti-virus.

Google searches reveal solutions inviting you to download an alternative Mingwm10.dll from unknown sources. We highly recommend you don't do this, as its possible installing a dll file from an unknown source could introduce a virus to your system.

Thank you.