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Visual Floor Planner Updates

January 2018

New Support Forum Added Click here



 April 2016


We have added Garden Pack 1 for you to download


1.Ensure there are no version of Visual Floor Planner Open.


2.Download Gardenpack.zip Here


3. Download Gardenpack.zip to your Downloads folder.

4.Right click on the zipped folder and select Extract all

 5.Copy (CTRL+C) Both Config files and paste(CTRL+v) into C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Floor Planner 2

6. Now Copy the Garden1 folder and Paste into C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Floor Planner 2\Icons


You will be asked if you wish to overwrite existing file.

(Please note if you have created your own icon sets this will overwrite them). Click Yes.


 7.Start Visual Floor Planner, you should now see your new icon set at the bottom of the left icon set

Any errors please contact customercare@visualfloorplanner.co.uk






January 2016



We are continuously developing Visual Floor Planner and will issue updates from time to time. These updates are optional.

Updates are free to all users for 1 year, and after 1 year you can purchase an update at 50% discount, giving you another 1 year of free updates. There is no obligation to keep your software updated and your existing license will continue. By purchasing updates, you help us to continue the development of Visual Floor Planner.


The current update version is Visual Floor Planner 2.0.


Clicking on Check for updates... will take you to our update page that gives you details of the current version.


Your previous license key should work for the update version, except for major updates, in which case you should email us requesting a new license key providing either your previous license key or invoice number. 

 If your previous license key is for any reason not valid, then the update will continue to work for only 10 days- giving you time to resolve the license.

Please note that Visual Floor Planner 1.38 license keys will not work with Visual Floor Planner 1.5 onwards so please request a new key before updating or within the 10 days after applying the update. Please note that earlier license keys will not work with Visual Floor Planner 2.0 so please request a new key before updating or within the 10 days after applying the update.



View and/or Download the User Manual here

Download Visual Floor Planner 2.0 Software Setup



Version 2 Features:


1. Visual Floor Planner 2.0 project files can now be imported into Visual Building and viewed as a 3D building. Currently this only applies to the floorplan and it is hoped that future updates to Visual Building will allow, doors, windows and furniture to be exported and viewed in 3D. This ability will depend upon Visual Building updates, not Visual Floor Planner.


2. Selection of overlapping objects can be selected. Previously only the top object could ever be selected. Now when clicking on overlapping objects, the user can step through each object in turn.


3. The [Room Area] constant has now been introduced. This functions in exactly the same way as [Room Size], but displays the room area.


4. The wall dimensions, which are normally only visible during wall selection and movement can now be exported together on the plan. Do not confuse this with the existing wall dimension tool. The addition of this feature together with the Room Area tool now enables Carpet layers to easily draw and calculate carpet area dimensions.


5. The Help menu now includes a link to an external program. This is menu entry is defined in the text.en file, and by default activates the calculator. This can be used to activate any program that you wish to use in parallel with Visual Floor Planner, such as Microsoft Excel or Visual Building. For example, if you wish to activate the Calculator from this menu, then insert the following text in the text.en file: Call_Program=”C:\Windows\System32\calc.exe” Call_Program_Menu = “Calculator”


6. Properties. If you right click on an object, you will activate the context menu that now includes the Object properties dialog. This dialog enable you to change the following properties associated with the object: X Position Y Position Rotation Scale This new feature is useful for placement and alignment of symbol objects.


7. Additional catalogues now available at install time. The user has the option to select / deselect optional catalogues at installation time. These include: Energy Assessor catalogue (line based symbols) Energy Assessor catalogue (graphic based symbols) Fire Escape Plan catalogue Fire Safety Symbol catalogue Domestic Electric socket catalogue Electrical Symbol catalogue Hazard Symbol catalogue Small screen resolutions (e.g. 800 x 600) may not be able to display the complete range of catalogues, and so you should only install the catalogues that you wish to use


False Anti Virus Reports


Some less than perfect anti-virus programs are reporting the Visual Floor Planner downloader as a trojan virus. The definition of a trojan virus is a program that downloads another program. Well this is exactly what our downloader does. Its a small 380K program that downloads the  larger Visual Floor Planner Setup program.  THIS IS NOT A VIRUS.


If you receive such a report it would help us if you could email details of your anti-virus program, and the report so that we can update the anti-virus company concerned. Unfortuneately some of the free anti-virus tools do not support a white-listing service from software developers and there is no way we can remove these false reports. In these cases we recommend using a premium anti-virus service such as Norton.