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Here you will find a set of video tutorials to get you started. 

Most of our videos have audio, but we also realize how difficult it can be to listen to a audio-visual tutorial in a busy estate agents office. For exactly this purpose we have started to add text descriptions to our videos, so if you can’t hear the audio- you can now at least still watch and learn.
Also be sure to watch in the highest resolution possible, as most of our tutorial videos are available in 1080p HD quality. 

There are also many more tutorial documented in the Support Documentation. 

If you have any questions please contact our support team and we will be happy to help: Customercare@visualfloorplanner.co.uk

Getting Started Guide

Need Some Guidance? Download our helpful getting started Guide.

Get Started 1

Where to get Help

This video explains where to find additional documentation, video tutorials, example floor plans and technical support. This is the best starting point. From this video you will discover the existence of all the information that you need to start creating floor plans.

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This video explains the basic steps in placing walls / rooms when creating a floor plan.

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This video demonstrates step by step how to create a complete floor plan with multiple floors. It will demonstrate how to create multiple rooms, using the auto room label feature. It then shows how to move walls so that you have exact room measurements. How to duplicate a floor and then edit the floor is also explained. Finally how to export the completed froject is demonstrated.

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This video demonstrates how you can easily change the colour of walls, lines and rooms.

This is of special interest to users that wish to identify a wall or a wall section using colour. Also a wall or wall section can also be identified using a coloured line, parallel to the wall.

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This video demonstrates how to use the multiple input feature available from Visual Floor Planner 1.6.2. This feature speeds up the creation of floor plans dramatically, when adding the same door or window many times. As of Visual Floor Planner 1.6.3, this feature is optional, as some users prefer the single select and insert method.

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This video demonstrates how to hide a wall section. As the wall is part of a room, you cant remove the wall but you can hide it.

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This video demonstrates how to hide a wall section. As the wall is part of a room, you cant remove the wall but you can hide it.

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System Requirements

Runs On

Windows 10 Windows 8 .1 Windows 8 .1 Windows 7 Vista & XP

File Size

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Running On Mac

Visual Floor Planner will run on a Mac using either Boot Camp or Parallels running Windows 7/8.

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